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PlatinumEMR Released!

PlatinumEMR is a cross platform(Windows, Mac & Linux), HIPPA compliant & CCHIT certified EMR(Electronic Medical Records) software that complies with all the stimulus HITECH requirements. PlatinumEMR allow you to PlatinumEMR is priced for small and medium sized practices/clinics. PlatinumEMR boasts lowering costs to physicians in this tough economy is a key factor.
10 Reasons to go with PlatinumEMR:

$0 upfront server hardware costs
$0 ongoing software maintenance costs
$0 software upgrade costs
$0 service costs for software upgrades
$0 server hardware maintenance
$0 service costs to install and configure hardware
$0 ongoing server costs
$0 backup costs
$0 client software to purchase
$0 IT(Information Technology) consultants needed

Click Here to Contact Platinum today for a demonstration.
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