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5 Ways to Go Green

As a technology company there are many technologies and software and even tips to help your company go green.

Often times people think, going green means changing everything, that is not the case. Go as Green as you want the more green you can be the more it helps the environment.

5 Technology tips to help get you green.

1.) Change your background from the some high quality image to black, as it saves energy especially if you have an LCD it won't have to light all those pixels, next is requires less processor time and load so your drain the on the power will be less.
2.) Get Paperless, by using document management software, like Laserfiche
3.) Lower the lights at home or in your office, often times it will help you see the monitor better anyway and cause less eye strain.
4.) Host your email and website in a datacenter, it will typically be more secure and will increase not only your uptime, but most hosting providers use higher density customer, application to server ratio, which means higher density and collaboration will help by full utilizing one server thus requiring less power to power several servers for each company which use power. Also by moving to a datacenter it will cost you less as you won't have to constantly be upgrading your equipment, typically it will include management.
5.) Keep your systems optimized and up to date and free of dust. These are small things, but when your pc or server is not optimized and free of dust, heats builds up heats cause more power usage, not only to cool, but in general the hotter your pc or server gets the more power it is using.

Just remember it is the little things that count! If everyone makes small changes it will equal big changes globally. It is the socially, economical and environmentally sound thing to do!

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