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What is fixed cost computing?


Fixed Cost Computing

The Information Technology(IT) industry is ever changing. In the past companies were hiring employees to maintain their IT infrastructure due to cost. The newest wave invented by PLATINUM is called fixed cost computing, now companies can attain the best of both worlds. For the same or lesser cost they get a systems integrator, certified in current and cutting edge technology, for a fixed cost. This is a different yet refreshing way of thinking. Available services include;

 Fixed Service Costs
 Fixed Maintenance Cost
 Uptime Guarantee
 No Vacations Hassles
 Discounted Hardware Costs
 Discounted Software Costs
 Cutting Edge Technology Skills
 No Training Costs
 Ultimate Quality
 Superb Integrity
 Full Accountability
 24x7x365 Support/Proactive Monitoring
 Guaranteed Response Time
 No Insurance Costs
 No Workers Compensation Costs
 No Sick Days
 Tax Advantages
 No Overtime Costs
 Loaner Equipment
 World-Class Expertise
 Preventative Maintenance
Allow PLATINUM to be part of your IT staff or replace your IT staff for guaranteed 50% less than you are paying for your employees. We trust in our abilities so much we give you a fixed cost. If you want to have your cake and eat it too; contact PLATINUM today.
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