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How do I protect myself from Viruses, Worms and Trojans?

Answer: There is no sure way to protect yourself from worms, trojans, spam and viruses, but great user practices help.

Security, Worms, Trojans and Viruses

In the past few years security, worms, trojans and viruses have caused billions of dollars in damage throughout the internet. Don?t be the next victim. Here are a few ways to help protect yourself.

Develop a security policy

Make Sure your computer is current on service packs, patches and updates.

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Try using a different internet browser other than Internet Explorer(i.e. Firefox, Opera, Netscape, etc...)

Only open email from people you know.

Don?t spend less than $500 on a firewall(i.e. PlatinumWALL and Cisco PIX firewalls)

Have a security assessment once per quarter and ensure the security is checked from inside and outside.

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